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"Just look at what our satisfied customers and members have to say about doing business with us..."

Hi Jane, Phil & Mike,

The new Build Referrals is a win-win situation for all, especially for those that upgrade and use the 6 rotators to "target their market". Also the ability to email your downline every 2 days is an exceptional bonus for a LifeTime membership. Not only do I get signups for my "earn income" programs by advertising six different sites but I can also help my downline with getting leads and hits to their sites. Thanks for super charging My Success!

Tom Haley

Phil, Jane, Mike,

BuildReferrals.com has got to be the most well thought out plan I have ever seen. Its simplicity and ease of use makes the entire system a pleasure to administrate. This is exactly what I've been looking for to grow my business. Congratulations on a job well done.

Gordon Steagall

Hi Jane. I just started my first promotion.

As a successful internet marketer, I cannot stress enough the importance of building a list. With Build Referrals, it not only does that for you, but it pays you to build your list. What more could you ask for. I love the fact that the signup process was so simple, the promotional tools are all there for you, and the ability to promote a business of your choice on your sales page is a great asset.. Jane, Phil and Mike, you have done it again. A tremendous program.

Rod Larrivee

Hi Jane

I signed up 2 hours ago to get in my ad. Then suddenly I have 4 people in my downline in Build Referrals, and I have already made $74 in commission! NET MARKETING is possible for beginners! YOU GOT to have this!


Jane,Phil and Mike,

Wow is what I have to say, I have been with you a short time in another business of yours and you have exploded my downline. So when I got your email for this I jumped right on board. I have total faith in you guys and your systems. I upgraded without hesitating. Thank you for helping me so much,

Tina Sumrall

Jane, Phil and Mike G.,

What can I say...besides thanks of course? Once again, you've hit it out of the ballpark. I'm astounded at the creativity you've brought to the new BuildReferrals.com website and how easy you've made it to advertise our own products and programs. Literally, after upgrading to platinum, it took me 7 minutes to get everything up and running with my website optimized to bring in the greatest amount of commissions. AND, much to my delight, I had 3 downline members of my own before I could get an e-mail or any other promotion out myself.

In my opinion, it's an absolute no brainer to sign up and upgrade to platinum. Heck, with Jane, Phil and Mike G. advertising in addition to your own efforts, you have a powerhouse working towards your success.

Just some quick advice for those on the fence...

1. Get in and Get in now
2. Upgrade to the highest level you can.
3. Promote, Promote, Promote.
4. Watch your downline grow, profits increase and smiles get bigger!

Thanks again,
Mike Krumlauf

Hi Jane

I just had to let you know how thrilled and excited I am with my first commission for BuildReferrals. I am sure glad I joined as a lifetime member. I am looking forward to receiving many more of these notices. Thanks for this exciting opportunity.

Joann Morris

Hi Jane,

The only reason I joined Build Referrals was because I knew that your other programs worked great for me and my team. I must admit I was very surprised when I saw that in less than 48 hours I did not only had 6 members but I also received quite a bit of traffic to my website from which 2 members have joined my main program already too. Great stuff, thanks!

Roberto Sicoli

Hi Jane and Phil,

It’s programs like Build Referrals and the countless other advertising services you all offer that keeps the net an honest and profitable place to be. One of the first things I remember hearing Jane say on my very first JPE call with 1 Minute Ads was, “you WILL get paid.” And yes, when you invest that upgrade fee with Jane and Phil, you will get it back over and over again, your other programs will get awesome traffic and exposure, and you will have support that goes above and beyond any that I have found out there.

I’m not sure if either Jane or Phil have ever seen a Braille display or listen to the synthetic speech of a screen reader used by a blind person before, but they sure are willing to do what it takes to get around any glitches I might make as a result of not seeing the screen.

I know, first hand, that as long as you, the customer, do your part, a program like Build Referrals, headed by such a dedicated team, will give both you and your programs the very best there is to offer. Thank you both so much.

Dawn Wilkinson

Hi Jane

I want to thank you for Build Referrals. I haven't made a lot of money yet with any of my online things, a few bucks here and there. This system of your's will make me focus. I have bought so much garbage, I can't believe what I have done :-) This system looks like a ray of hope. When I saw who was behind BR I knew it would be well planned and thought out. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Mark E. Gohlke

Hi Jane & Phil

The old buildreferrals was the very first referral site I joined long before Mike took over, and then you arrived on the scene. I must say that the newly launched buildreferrals site is absolutely fantastic, and is going to be a perfect vehicle for both newbies and seasoned professionals to skyrocket their business to a level never seen before. You really need to upgrade to take full advantage. Well done Jane and Phil,you deserve all the praise!

Shaikh M. Ijaz-ul-Haque

Hi Mike,

English is not my native language and I cannot express all my feelings properly. But when I saw my first commissions at my back office. I was so excited! These were the FIRST money I earned online for the 6 months working there...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Tatiana Ivanova

Hi Jane,

I just want to thank you all for helping me to setup my site. So far it seems pretty simple which is great because I'm a newbie. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.

Evona Hill

Hi Jane

I joined as a platinum member and shortly received 5 members in my downline. I highly recommend platinum membership because there is so much on offer. I know I made a good choice with Build Referrals.

Dean Sharples
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